19 Home Remedies For Cold, Back Pain, Nausea And Other Common Ailments

Published on 26-08-2019

If you ever have a conversation with your grand mother, she'll tell you that back in the
day they mostly relied on natural home remedies to treat almost every ailment. A lot
may have changed now, but granny's treasure trove of home remedies is still as
effective as it used to be. Time to go back to your roots and rediscover all the gems on
your kitchen shelf that have innumerable health benefits. Nature offers the best
medicines for most ailments, all we have to do is look closely and remember the
goodness of some commonly available ingredients. The best part of using home
remedies is that they are far away from the usual side effects that may occur with the
use of chemical-based products. So if you happen to suffer from cold, back pain,
nausea and other common ailments every now and then, fret not, we've got you

Let's look at few home remedies that can help everyday
problems that we may face:

1. Diarrhea: Boil brown or white rice in twice the amount of water you would normally
use, then strain. Once the water is cool, drink it. This water contains electrolytes that
help ease diarrhea.

2. Back Pain: White willow is considered as a natural alternative to Aspirin because it
contains salicin, a pain reliving component.

3. Gout: Cherries contain compounds that block uric acid and calm inflammation. I
advise people suffering from gout to eat a bowl of cherries daily.

4. Sty: Moisten black tea with warm or cold water, and apply on your eyelid. The tannic
acid in tea will shrink swelling around the eye.

5. Osteoarthritis: Studies show that curcumin found in turmeric is extremely effective
to reduce joint pain and swelling in people with osteoarthritis.

6. Hot flashes: Studies show that sage reduces the frequency of hot flashes. Make a
tea of fresh or dried sage, strain cool and drink.

7. Muscle cramps: Athletes can prevent muscle cramps by drinking lime juice with
black salt as a electrolyte imbalance sparks muscle cramps, and the juice helps to
restore sodium potassium with a boost of Vitamin C.

8. Gas:Fennel seeds contain a carminative compound that disperses gas from the
intestinal tract. Chew and swallow half a tea spoon of seeds at the end of meals.

9. Arthritis Pain: Natural gelatin found in chicken soup contains collagen that helps
relieve joint pain and inflammation.

10. Dry eyes: Take 1 or 2 tea spoons of pure flax seeds oil each day. The anti-
inflammatory properties of omega 3 fatty acids reduce the dryness of the eyes.

11 Acne: Apple cider vinegar works as an astringent to dry up excess oil. Use a ratio of
1 part of vinegar to 3 parts of water. Dip cotton ball into the mix and apply it to the

12. Diabetes: Study shows that the gurmar plant possesses anti-diabetic and anti-
inflammatory properties. It is also used to facilitate weight loss.

13. Asthma: Heat some sesame seed oil and gently massage it on the chest and upper
back. Do it several times a day till symptoms subside.

14. Weak bones: Chia seeds contain 4 times more absorbable calcium than milk. Chia
seeds are powerhouses of nutrients. Add them to smoothies, curd or dal for this boost.

15. Constipation: A tablespoon of flaxseeds (freshly ground) to be eaten at bed time
with warm water helps relive constipation.

16. Piles: The reason for piles is constipation and to treat that triphla should be taken in
hot water at bed time to prevent constipation and piles.

17. Insomnia: Valerian root has been used for centuries for sleep disorders and anxiety.
The root increases the GABA levels in the brain allowing users to sleep easily.

18. Common cold: For acute bronchitis a herb called echinacea enhances immune
function and dries up mucus. It also reduces the duration and severity of the cold.

19.Dandruff: Lemon grass oil contains high levels of anti- microbial compounds called
Geranol that fights fungus that causes dandruff. This magical treatment can be used
just twice to see results.

The next time you need a cure for any of these ailments, turn to nature and try these
home remedies. However, if you are suffering from a serious medical condition you
must consult a doctor too.

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