Diabetes Reversal Program

Diabetes treatment in Gurgaon

Medical research, has proved that Type 2 diabetes is a completely reversal condition. Yet millions of people all over the world are told that diabetes is “Genetic” and a condition with which they have to live, for the rest of their life. Now, the causative factors for both Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes include food that spike blood sugar levels and cause inflammation. We eliminate these foods from your diet to reverse Type 2 diabetes and manage Type 1 diabetes. A Food combination diet is carefully designed, as per each client considering his likes and dislikes. The diet draws on years of research and on the latest scientific and medical studies and inspired by the way humans are biologically designed to eat.

Processed commercial foods is replaced with nutritious power-packed food which has sustained mankind over millennia before the introduction of agricultural revolution.

The diabetes reversal program, aims to support healthy weight loss, which helps clearing fatty deposits within the pancreas and liver which can otherwise interfere with insulin secretion and normal insulin action. After 12 weeks, the participants lose an impressive upto 10 Kgs plus 3 inches around the waste. Additionally, their fasting insulin falls by ¼ and into the normal range.

Yes! With the combination diet, exercise and meditation to relieve stress, diabetes can be reversed and healed permanently.