Healthy Heart & Cholesterol Program

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What does it take for one to become disease free and achieve longevity? Today heart attacks and strokes are the two leading causes of death among people in India. Due to medical and commercial propaganda, you have been brainwashed into thinking that cholesterol is an evil substance that should be avoided at all costs. Infact cholesterol is a valuable bio-chemical, it forms for instance, the basis of steroidal hormones & vitamin D; and it is highly concentrated in the brain and as well as the liver, adrenal glands and nerves. It is also a necessary steroid that contributes to the manufacturing of key male and female sex hormones.

Medically supervised trials with low cholesterol diets were unsuccessful in significantly lowering blood cholesterol levels or reducing the risk of heart disease. Low blood cholesterol does not mean freedom from the disease. Infact some drug treatments to lower cholesterol have resulted in increase in rate of heart disease. This changes when people avoid commercial processed food, poly unsaturated oils like corn and soy etc. Refined sugar contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease because sugar injetion raises insulin levels, which block a key enzyme that synthesis cholesterol.

There is no magic food to decrease the risk of developing heart disease, but an entire lifestyle modification. The diet plan for heart health is designed to include the best protecting food and elimination of inflammatory food. A lot of good fats like nuts and seed oils are prescribed with inclusion of loads of seasonal vegetables, fruits and wholefoods.

The role of diet is crucial and one of the key factors that change and impact all other cardiovascular risk factors.