Skin and Hair Program

Professional Nutritionist in Gurgaon

For long people, have been looking after their looks, they have focused almost exclusively on the external strategies.

Your skin is designed as a barrier not a sponge , and despite all those commercials that look so promising, the lotions and creams cannot penetrate beyond the thin outer layer.

Your skin is made up of cells and cells are made up of what you eat Everyday. Your skin and hair, with the right diet and care , have an amazing ability to rejuvenate at any age.

My skin and hair program is very carefully designed with the right food combinations to be your best cosmetic of all. Your face will look rested rejuvenated and revitalised. Your skins natural glow will return as capillary circulation and lymphatic drainage improve.

There are no shortcuts to naturally glowing skin. Vitality and good health do radiate from inside out. The best line of defence is a nutrient rich diet. This should be combined with some form of regular relaxation, such as meditation or yoga plus moderate exercise and avoiding the major health sins such as sugar , processed food and smoking.