Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program in Gurgaon

So many of us eat with weight reduction in mind, we cut kilojoules, fat and other essential nutrients like nobody's business.

CutCut kilojoules dramatically and you will find yourself in short supply of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals all that at the expense of your health and (not to mention your skin)

I would always tell my clients DONOT START SILLY PLANS THAT YOU CAN’T SUSTAIN FOR A LIFETIME. Health is a way of life, it has to be prioritised. My diet plan for weight loss offers great nutrition and minimise unnecessary empty food choices.

The goal is to maximise nutrition to include foods packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and good fats. With these right food combinations we achieve our desired goals.

I also offer plans for digestive health, which are like the roots of a tree: when the roots are strong, the tree is strong. When the roots are diseased, the whole tree is diseased. Hence optimal digestion is the key element to achieve our weight loss goals. So to rephrase an old saying you are not only what you eat but also what you digest and absorb.

You should always follow a diet plan under the guidance of a nutritionist to ensure that you eat a balanced diet full of nutrients. Shilpa Arora one of the best dietician in Gurgaon can help you to lose weight in a healthy way.