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Shilpa Arora- Macrobiotic Health Coach & Experienced Nutritionist, offers complete lifestyle plans, based entirely on diet & Lifestyle factors. All her programs and Diet Plans based on her lifelong research to find the simple ways to maintain health & wellness naturally. As a Macrobiotic health coach, she had a chance to induce the relationship between healthy food habits and impact thereof. To gain more knowledge and to serve more, she has practised in leading hospitals, institutions, education societies etc. Her private consultations offer holistic diet plans to help slow anti ageing and enhance healing process. Being having an expertise on Naturopathy & Nutrition, She has written several articles & publications for newspapers, lifestyle magazines and NDTV. Apart from this, she is offering health recipes to Westin hotels, various coffee shops and to her precious customers. Check her health products such as cookies, seed bars, chocolate delicacies that are available at her exclusive outlets and at The Westin Hotel.

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Get Rid Of Lifestyle Induced Diseases With Ghaziabad Nutritionist Shilpa Arora

Nutrition induced diseases take so many lives in India. Heart attacks and strokes are one of the leading causes of millions of premature deaths in the country. It all starts with Type 2 diabetes. It may surprise a lot of people, that it is a proven fact that type 2 diabetes is totally reversible. Still, millions of people live with it, thinking it is a genetic disease, and there is nothing they can do about it. That’s when the role of nutritionists like us becomes very crucial. We run a diet clinic in Ghaziabad as well as other major cities of India, where we offer comprehensive solutions to get rid of lifestyle-induced diseases.

Diabetes control and treatment

As mentioned, type 2 diabetes is totally curable. There is no reason why you have to live with it your entire life. It’s the rapid spike in blood sugar levels, which causes both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. What we do at our diet clinic, we remove those unwanted sugars from your diet.


We meticulously design a food combination aligning with your likes and dislikes. All these diet plans that we provide you are the result of years of scientific research and medical studies. That’s the reason we have been able to give substantial results to our clients. Our diabetes control programs have helped our clients in their weight management as well.

Cholesterol and Heart disease

There is a lot of misinformation doing around about cholesterol as a substance. Commercially motivated campaigns make you believe that cholesterol is an evil substance. That’s very far from reality. Cholesterol is responsible for manufacturing key sex hormones on both males and females. Studies have proven low cholesterol diets do not prevent heart diseases. It’s the elimination of inflammatory food that works in the long term. We offer comprehensive diet plans which are free from these inflammatory foods. Here is a one-stop solution for all the health problems related to skin, hairs, cholesterol & heart problems, PCOS & PCOD, Diabetes, BP, etc with Shilpa Arora- Macrobiotic health Coach & Nutritionist in Ghaziabad.


We cover a range of Health & Life style induced diseases Reversal programs

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