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Children grow at different rates at different ages. So it is tough to know when a child is obese or overweight. Also the amount of a child’s body fat changes with age and also differs between boys and girls.

To know if your child is overweight, calculate his or her BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI for age uses growth charts that are age and sex specific and are known as BMI for age.

Obesity in kids is on a significant rise impacting both their physical and psychological health. Technology is major contributor, cellphones, video games and over 600 TV channels are making kids fat. A lot of school systems are rushing to put smart devices into the hands of children. I don’t think they are paying any attention to the social and psychological costs of this on kids.

Outdoor games and exercises are of utmost importance. Most cases of childhood obesity are caused by eating too much and exercising too little. Kids are consuming huge amounts of sugar in sweetened drinks and processed food.

We design children specific plans on the following outlines:

  • The best way to prevent childhood obesity is to get the whole family involved so that the child is encouraged to make lasting changes.
  • Influence you child by being a healthy example..Cook healthy infront of the kids and involve them.
  • Inculcate a routine to exercise daily in form of a sport like swimming, tennis, football or whatever interest you and your child.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure no one in the family skips it. Include wholegrain, fruits, eggs, green juices, vegetable stuffed rotis. Start the day with nutrient dense food.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar. Avoid chocolates, candies, aerated drinks, canned soups & juices, processed cookies and bars, often disguised as healthy. Opt for fresh fruit and traditional Indian deserts like gajar ka halwa, ladoos made of besan or whole wheat. Use jiggery or honey to sweeten your food.
  • Don’t cut out all fats: Fats are very important for growing kids. Include lot of nuts and seeds. Desi Ghee is loaded with Omega 3; this superfood is a health elixir if consumed in the right portions. Avoid trans fats found in fried and baked foods like chips, burgers, snacks and pre-mix products.

Most importantly educate your kids about the importance of being healthy. Put the remote away and organize active outdoor games. Be a healthy role model and your kids will eventually follow.