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Sugar can be listed under several names like dextrose, corn syrup, table sugar, brown sugar and other forms of sweeteners to make the sugar look less significant. But the bottom line is that the body, breaks down all forms of sugar, into the same molecules as white sugar and they have similar calories.

When I cut down sugar from the diet, most of my clients get worried ‘’where am I going to get my sugar and energy from? Now, I have to tell them, that sugar is ZERO nutrition. The body does not need it. Nature has provided us with natural sweet foods that give us wholesome energy and an array of micro and macronutrients.

Its just that our taste buds have been completely modified and accustomed to artificial, packaged food and sharp sugars. We cannot taste the sweetness of natural food like carrots, beets, potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and the lovely fruits nuts ,raisins, dates and the list is endless.

Even if you don’t add sugar to your tea and coffee, you would be shocked to know, that it sneaks into almost everything we eat, not just the obvious biscuits, cakes, and soft drinks. Sugar is hidden in all packaged processed food. Sugar is indeed, your health enemy no. 1, because it robs your cells of important nutrients such as manganese, zinc, chromium, calcium, cobalt, magnesium. Sugar interferes with the transport of Vitamin C. Depletion of calcium and other minerals also contribute to loosening of the body skin, resulting in puffiness and sagging skin.

Eating refined carbohydrates and sugar spikes an insulin like growth factor called IGF-1 . This can lead to excess of male hormones leading to PCOD in women. Also IGF-1 causes skin cells called keratinocytes to multiply, this further promotes acne. Its interesting to note that tumor cells need glucose for survival, so you will be doing a huge favor to your health by cutting out sugar.

Sugar cravings result, due to imbalances in the body. It’s a way your body tells you that it needs essential nutrients not cakes and cookies. We should rather focus on healthful treats like sweet potato chaat, or a banana. Fruits and root vegetables are loaded with phytonutrients and phytochemicals. They have low GI, so they don’t spike blood sugar levels.

So next time you crave sugar, go for dates, figs, raisins, grapes, banana, pomegranates, melons think color! Try to eat lots of intense deep and vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables each day. Add strawberries to your smoothie, sip fresh fruits and vegetable juices, snack on carrot sticks, add prunes to natural yogurt with some nuts and seeds for a healthy dessert.

These superfoods, provide antioxidants that protect you from disease and ageing. Your skin will look flawless and your body glowing inside out .

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